Welcome to the world Wilfred Johnson!

In our current state of lockdown and ‘social distancing’ it’s lovely to read happy news. One happy news story last week was of course the birth of Baby Johnson. And what better way to congratulate the prime minster and his Fiancee, Ms. Symonds than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. That’s just what New Covent Garden Market have done. Two of the Flower Market business owners teamed up to create this stunning bouquet using British Blooms. Here’s what they posted on Facebook.....

“New Covent Garden Market has sent flowers to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Ms. Symonds to celebrate the birth of their baby son Wilfred. Two Flower Market business owners, Graeme Diplock of Zest Flowers and Martin Panter of Arnott and Mason, teamed up to create a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Graeme was able to visit 10 Downing Street this morning, welcomed inside to deliver the flowers behalf of everyone at New Covent Garden Market. Together they created a bouquet that represented the breadth of flowers found across the United Kingdom. All the flowers chosen were beautiful shades of blue including Delphiniums, Bell of Ireland and English roses.”

If you are celebrating the arrival of a new baby then I can create something simply beautiful for you using British Blooms and offer contact free delivery. Get in touch today!

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